The Gallery

We FEMAP-India are specialized and are strive towards providing the best of raw materials and profits to both our skillful farmers and buyers providing them a mutual platform to get the same market prices direct from farmers. 

Our Best Offerings

Lemon Grass
Pink Rose
Dried Mint

The Distillation & Sampling Unit

These two type FDU Black Tank use for Mentha,  Tagetes & Eucalyptus .Second FDU Blue Capacity 500Kg used for LemonGrass, Vetiver, Palma Rosa, Chamomile &  allleafand root Aromatic plants. Except Some Floral plants distilled in Deg Bhapka Method


“Agriculture needed top most priority because the Govt. and the nation would both fail to succeed if agriculture could not be successful”

" The farmer works the soil, The agriculturist works the farmer."

Eugene F. Ware